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Hostipal @ Oíche Shamhna - Dark Halloween Mix

Electro   Techno   Industrial

Submitted by: Hostipal. @

Filetype: 320 kbit MP3
Length: 00:59:46

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A dark Halloween mix for the holiday featuring a dark collection of tracks and a few horror movie samples

Oíche Shamhna is the Gaelic term for Halloween

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1. Ghost Sound - Air
2. Feed On You - Evil Nine
3. Dance or Die - Cabaret Norturne
4. The Lack of Hope (Glass Figure Remix) - Gesaffelstein
5. Acid Ghost (Original Mix) - Joseph Balam
6. Bl00dfuck - Fukkk Offf
7. Dance In The Dark (Original Mix) - Proxy
8. Zombies - DJ Touche
9. Blood Splashing - Fake Blood
10. Bass Kaput - Zombie Nation
11. Unmask - Under Black Helmet
12. Reach for the Dead - Boards of Canada
13. Dead Living Things - Jackson And His Computerband
14. Hannibal & The Battle Of Zama - The Subs