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Florilu @ Frenchcore Mix September #1


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Filetype: 320 kbit MP3
Length: 00:51:58

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Again, after a short delay due to health problems, I am back again with a new mix for you guys!

This is a "special" mix, because I have mixed the "Creme De La Core"-Album.

I hope you like it!

In the meantime, I have set up a Twitter-account for this channel since I don't have the "Community"-Tab. I hope that this makes communication with you guys easier. The link to my profile is down below the tracklist.

I also wanted to remember you that I also have a Patreon-page. With this, you can support me directly while getting some special rewards for your support!


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1. Maotai - The Hunting
2. Dr. Peacock - Flesh Is The Fever Vs. Molella (Mashup)
3. Mr. Ivex - Feel It
4. Lab-E - Life
5. The Sequel - Bulgarian Voices
6. The Sickest Squad - IN95
7. Mr. Ivex & Levenkhan - Dying Light
8. The Mastery & Demencia ft. La Teigne - Anger Week-End
9. The Mastery Vs. Serum - Thank You & Fuck You (2018 Edit)
10. Hungry Beats - Time Machine
11. Sefa - Loy Loy
12. Progamers - Triptych
13. Dr. Peacock & Billx - Gipsy Love
14. Maissouille ft. MC Frustrator - Hard Humana
15. Hyrule War & La Ravage - Awful Detective
16. Crypton - Left Alone
17. Chrono & Lano - Tempo (Ruhr In Love Edit)