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Psychopathics vs. Olero @ Fatality Outdoor 2018 Origin Temple


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Length: 00:41:37

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  Fatality Intro
1. Olero - Fatality Mashup
2. The Straikerz - Boom Bootleg (CUTTED)
3. Regain - Broken (Psychopathics Bootleg)
4. Noisecontrollers - Gimme Love (Anderex 2018 Edit)
5. Unresolved - Sacrifice
6. Olero - Do You Like Bass x Yes (Mashup)
7. Psychopathics vs Olero - Fatality Tool
8. Warface & The Geminizers - Path To Extinction (NRK Edit)
9. Olero - Fatality Mashup #2
10. Psychopathics - Freestyler (Bootleg)
11. D-Sturb & Malice - Drop 'Em Down
12. Fraw - Get Out Of My Car (CUTTED)
13. Jack Of Sound - Finish Him (Psychopathics Edit)
14. Kenai - Make It Bounce
15. Project Core - Betrayal
16. Deadly Guns & D-Fence - Wall Of Bass (Psychopathics Edit)