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Danny Toples @ Summer Madness SuperSet 2018

UK Happy Hardcore   Hardstyle   Electro

Submitted by: ProPodziemie @

Filetype: 320 kbit MP3
Length: 00:40:16

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Mix containing only the most interesting and crazy of my songs for the summer. To download!

Rated by: ProPodziemie

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1. Danny Toples - Pig Rave
2. Danny Toples - Enjoy This
3. Danny Toples - Mosz Pit (Zeskreczuj Pit)
4. DJ 1990 - Dreadvance (Danny Toples Trap Mix)
5. Danny Toples - Historia Zapalki
6. Headhunterz - Aiming For Ur Brain (Danny Toples Remix)
7. Brennan Heart - Musical Impressions (Danny Toples Remix)
8. Brennan Heart & Angela Merkel - Revelations (Danny Toples Remix)
9. Project One - Rate Reducer (Danny Toples Remix)
10. Danny Toples - Hard Bounce (Sample Kick!)
11. Danny Toples - The Underground
12. Danny Toples - Old DnB
13. Danny Toples - Pomp
14. Danny Toples - The Amplitude
15. Danny Toples - Hardcore Vibes Nexus Mix
16. Danny Toples - Historia Zapalki (Hardcore Mix)
17. Danny Toples - Gargling
18. Danny Toples - Piano
19. Danny Toples - The Guitar
20. Danny Toples - MotherF Basser
21. Static - Bad Dreams (Danny Toples Classical Music Remix)
22. David Revenger - Schizochemia (Danny Toples Remix)
23. Danny Toples - Thunder (2013)

ProPodziemie -
If this mix reaches 10 your grades here (positive or negative - important that honest) then next time I will create a mix with completely new interesting songs with even more interesting atmosphere. Don't be ashamed to judge and act!  :thumbsup2:  :thumbsup2:
(knowing life, the result will not be achieved hahaha).  :p