Shoutbox: [17:25] ProPodziemie: It's hard for me to imagine Russian Hardbass at a bigger festival, haha, anthem Qlimax Russian Hardbass '' Nature Of The Vodka ... close Ya eyes, and open your mouth ... ''  :D

Rooler @ Intents Festival 2018

Hardstyle   Raw hardstyle

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Length: 00:31:01

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1. Rooler - Domination
2. Rooler - The 23 Is Here (Intents Live Edit)
3. Rooler - #END
4. Rooler - YES!
5. Rooler - You Are Extinguished (Intents Live Edit)
6. Rooler & Thyron - Hesitate To Kill (Intents Live Edit)
  w/ Watch Your Back Vocal
7. Rooler - Rollin' (Oldschool Edit)
8. Warface x Malice x Rooler - Watch Your Back (Rooler Edit)
  w/ Aggressive Acts vocal
9. Rooler - Violence (Aggressive Act Remix)
10. Malice - Dictatorship (Rooler Remix)
11. Rooler - Dikke Stroopwafels (Koningsdag 2K18 Edit)
12. Rooler & Sefa - Survive The Street (Whatsapp Intro Edit)
13. Rooler - Martyr (Uptempo Edit)

-michaelhughes [Set Editor] -
The Live Edit of Watch Your Back is so much better than the original  :yay: One of the best sets I've heard this year  :bomb:
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ProPodziemie -
What a kicks  xD
Glennpeters21 -
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