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Pingu @ BreakCore Demo Mix


Submitted by: hardcorerepublic @

Length: 00:41:01

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PINGU - BreakCore Demo Mix

Rated by: Jim_D


1. Gromov-Allright, Here We Go!
2. Shitmat-Amen Babylon
3. Krumble-Time To Burn
4. Positive Fyah vs M1dlet-Run Away [BKZ Rec.]
5. Enduser-Across
6. The Satan-You was my favorite corpse [BKZ Rec.]
7. Zeuge-Horse plague [BKZ Rec.]
8. Dolphin-The Polychronican
9. M1dlet-Jump Da FK Up [BKZ Rec.]
10. Ozzy Ozwald-Ultra Violent Korova [BKZ Rec.]
11. Venetian Snares-Hand Throw
12. Repeater-Ultra Violet
13. Doormouse-Skelechairs (V.Snares Remix)
14. Mathlovsky-Stilbrvch (Audiotist remix) [BKZ Rec.]
15. Venetian Snares-Vache
16.Nàtas.Pihsröw-Loka [BKZ Rec.]