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Caedes @ Lydi-Jah's Bday / The Amen Show

Drum & Bass   Jungle   Breakcore

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Filetype: 192 kbit MP3
Length: 01:16:51

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caedes at lydi-jah's bday [fallout] dresden 24.02.18

Caedes @ Lydi-Jah´s Bday / The Amen Show @ FallOut, Dresden

"the recording from lydi-jah's bday last weekend ( )
in the first minutes i try to adjust the crossfader.. it didn't close correctly, so you hear some odd rumble noises^^

i didn't record myself, so dl only in 192kbps and some parts are a bit distorted.. nevertheless enjoy!  :)

tracks from le jad, anorak, ickoo, squarepusher, line 47, liar's rosebush, exile, kos + more"