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Cruda @ Concept Cruda Rauwe Klappers

Industrial Hardcore   Hardcore   Hardstyle   Raw hardstyle

Submitted by: Takkie @


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Vazard & Delete - Explosions
Yellow Claw & Juyen Sebulba - DO YOU LIKE BASS? (Dither Remix)
Rooler - Domination
Igneon System Ft. [KRTM} - Jack No7
Vazard - My jam
Igneon System - Breakage
Dither - The Prophecy
Tymon - Psycho Killer (Negative A's Chase The Devil Edit)
N-Vitral - Canonball
Weapon X - Coke Sniffer (Synapse Remix)
N-Vitral - Welcome To The Killzone (2016 Version)
Igneo System - Crisis Situation (N-vitral Remix)
E-Dub - 1, 2 Hakken
Unexist - Attack (Dither Remix)