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Josh & Wesz @ Hardhouse Generation (Club Fresh / Fresh FM)


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1. Tuneboy - Re-Generate It
2. DJ Phil Ty - A Kay A (Straight On Mix)
3. Alphaverb - Feel Good (Gentalica Remix)
4. D-Block & S-Te-Fan vs. Josh & Wesz - Let It Go
5. Josh & Wesz - Lip Service Radio
6. Activator - Lullaby
7. Low-E & Alter Egosz - Vendetta
8. Josh & Wesz - Single Persons
9. Low-E Vs. Alter Egosz - W.T.F.
10. Alphaverb & Intractable One - T.B.A.
11. Wildstylez - Single Sound
12. Alphaverb - Got It!

Morango -
What is real?
On 26-06-2009 02:18:23, Loony wrote:

On 26-06-2009 00:07:44, forde1690 wrote:

maybe a stupid question but why is it called hardhouse generation when it hardstyle????????????????????  :S

downloading now will listen and rate later  :bday:

Hardhouse Generation has been on for longer than hardstyle has been about.

Actual Hard House died in holland when Hardstyle took over.

Producers started combining Dutch Hard House & Italian Hard Bass Techno i.e. Technoboy, The Prophet & Hardstyle was born from that.

So Hardstyle is partly Hard House but the names a major icon so i wouldn't think they would want to change it.

It would sound shit if it was Hardstyle Generation.

Hardhouse Generation  :worship:

TheMingDynasty -
Stemmen vanwege de naam.  :yawn:
knarfieboy -
zin in zaterdag!! GROUND ZERO!!
Noiser69 -
awesome mix
vendetta  :L  :L  :L  :L  :W  :w00t:  :bomb:
Khadber -
8 is waarschijnlijk Josh & Wesz - Rubdown

Source: Alphaverb top 10
m4a1 -
On 01-07-2009 11:34:03, Khadber wrote:

8 is waarschijnlijk Josh & Wesz - Rubdown

Source: Alphaverb top 10

Kijk niet zo naar Jerrie's video's:p
Jro_ -
alles begint bij Headhunterz
On 01-07-2009 11:34:03, Khadber wrote:

8 is waarschijnlijk Josh & Wesz - Rubdown

Source: Alphaverb top 10

Dat zei ik in juni al  :bday:
speedboot25 -
 :bomb:  :yay: ragt lekker door dit setje  :D maar ja dat doen ze meestal  ;)  :yay:
jerem08 -
no, 8 is Josh & Wesz - Single Persons  ^.^  :thumbsup2:
fluxyy -
The Noise..Con..Trollers !!!
03. Alphaverb - Feel Good (Gentalica Remix)

A true butchery  :yay:
Norac80 -
Alphaverb - Feel Good (Gentalica Remix)  :yay:  :yay:  (L)

Low-E & Alter Egosz - Vendetta  :yay:  :yay:  (L)
Mezzox -
01. Tuneboy - Re-Generate It  (L)
05. Josh & Wesz - Lipservice Radio  :worship:
07. Low-E & Alter Egosz - Vendetta  :yay:
09. Low-E & Alter Egosz - What Tha Fuck!  :D  :worship:

Topset  :thumbsup:
Cazper -
On 11-07-2009 16:24:37, jerem08 wrote:

no, 8 is Josh & Wesz - Single Persons  ^.^  :thumbsup2:

True story.  :thumbsup:
blackmail -
 :bomb: Low-E & Alter Egosz - Vendetta  :bomb:  :bomb:
DjRy -
lol lol
Low-E & Alter Egosz - Vendetta
The Villa volta song @ Efteling-.-

nice song anyway
Noiser69 -
epic set.
Hansolo [Set Editor] -
new link added