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Different Aspects @ Dominator Festival 2018 – Wrath of Warlords | DJ contest mix

Hardcore   Industrial Hardcore

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This year I will be entering the Dominator Contest at the very last moment. Starting off with some harder main hardcore tracks and after that straight back to the Industrial Hardcore sound. After sevaral visits in the year 2013, 2014 and 2017, I think it's time to try to bring some ‘Different Aspects of Hardcore’ to the Wrath of Warlords Area. Not a 100% fashionable and flawless mix, but I dare to take risks all the time! No clean sheet, is no fail!!!

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1. Ophidian - Lynched (Tymon Remix)
2. Luxxer - The Cancer
3. Blaster - Drop The Bomb
4. Catscan - Mass Madness
5. Stormtrooper - Strike Dead
6. The Outside Agency - Enlightened Species
7. The Outside Agency - The Sunrise
8. The Clamps - Downpour
9. Dither - Adopted The Dark
10. Synapse - LOMP
11. Ophidian - Running On Empty
12. The Outside Agency & Ophidian - Return of the Silence
13. I:Gor - Game Tight
14. eDUB - Time To Stomp
15. N-Vitral - Welcome To The Killzone (2016 Version)
16. DJIPE - Shadowcuts
17. Dolphin ft. Deathmachine - Deathnote