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Kushti @ BangFace Weekender 2018

Jungle   Breakcore   Hardtek

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Length: 00:44:26

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Kushti @ Bangface Weekender 2018

""Live" at Bangface weekender, recorded in my chalet Monday morning because I messed up my actual live set and it didn't get recorded thank god. But this is basically what I played / wanted to play."


General Waste, Humb & Thrackh - Sounds Of Silence (@tfa-audio-uk)
Shy FX - Funkindemup
Hairy Armpit - Sugary Sweet (@stompsounds)
Phatworld - Destory Oh Boy (@destroyohboy)
Socle - Western Ting (@Socle)
Evade - Junglist Mambo (@Evade)
Breakforce One - Kleptomentalist (@Breakforce-one Unreleased)
Kushti - Psy Mix (Kushti Vocal)
Ben 9mm - Egotrip (@ben-9mm)
FFF - In My House (@f-f-f)
Slim Sinna - Jerry Springah Riddem (@slimsinna)
Carl Brown - Raver UK (@carl-brown)
Ruby my Dear - Spectacle (@dearmyruby)
Meow Meow - Bunnyhoppa (@radgepacketrecords)
Miki Taiki - Jolene (@miki-taiki)
Slim Sinna - Virgin Gurl
HitFiend - Bad Habit (@dj-hitfiend)
Kushti - Psy Wars
Shere Kahnn - Ketamine Junkie (@sherekahnn)