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Xtremist & Calybr & Re-Vamp @ Capital Of Raw Episode #4 (Overwatch Music Takeover)

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This is Capital Of Raw, the finest selection of tracks mixed in two hours to ensure you insanity from the beginning to the end, this new concept is geared to show you the best tracks of the raw hardstyle scene and promises to keep you listening during its two-hour extension.

This podcast represents the best and emerging artists, no matter the fame, only the quality and sound design, the commitment put into production and the passion for music, so if you are a producer and you think you have what it takes, do not hesitate to send me your track to, and if it complies with the requirements it will be mixed in this podcast.

Sorry for being unnactive in the past two weeks, i'm back here on this shit and i'm not alone, i have the honour to present you one of the best emerging raw hardstyle labels: Overwatch Music, you will know what i mean with "amazing music" when you listen to it, enjoy  :D

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1. Kursez - Vamos a Jugar en el Sol
2. Thyron & Physika - Sense Of Time (Thyron 2018 Edit)
3. Headhunterz & Sub Zero Project - Our Church
4. Infirium - Ocean Machine
5. Gunz For Hire - Kings Of The Underground (Thyron Edit)
6. Krowdexx - Insanity
7. Malice & Thyron - Beat You To Death
8. Requiem - I.A.B. (I Am Back)
9. Riot Shift - Sin & Sentence
10. Two-Sixty - Paying The Price
11. Digital Punk - Warrior Sound
12. Atmozfears - #TIMMEH (Knockout Tool)
13. Bouncing Ball - Back On The Block
14. Krowdexx & Fanatics - Shotgun
15. Krowdexx - Harder Than You Think
16. E-Force - War Machine
17. Charter - Are You Ready
18. Criminal Mayhem - The Virus
19. Krowdexx - To Substance
20. Jack of Sound - G.O.D. (Ressurectz Remix)
21. The Straikerz - Dont Judge Me
22. The Straikerz - Destroy My Enemy
23. The Straikerz - Push Yourself
24. Koozah ft. MC I See - Legacy of Tomorrow (Wicked Minds & DJ Thera Remix)
25. Warface & Frequencerz - F The Industry
26. Intuitiouz & Marco Peters - RawstyleNation (Official RawstyleNation Anthem 2017)
27. Caine - Break The Sound
28. The Purge - Evolution
29. Mind Dimension - Once Again
30. Insidiouz - Outta My Mind
  Overwatch Music takeover by Calybr & Re-Vamp
31. Re-Vamp - Listen
32. The Shade & Mr. Blacx - Storm's Coming
33. Re-Vamp - Don't Stop
34. Calybr & MC Retell - Bulletproof
35. Cruel Regime & Repeller - Encourage Violence
36. Re-vamp - Better then that
37. Bwazza - Kino Der Toten
38. Druid - Undercover
39. JACKO - WTF (Bwazza Remix)
40. Bestia - Nothing Wrong With Me (Calybr Remix)
41. Critical Hit - The Requiem (Overwatch Edit)
42. Cryex - Stuck In The Ground
43. Jacko & Level One - Shadow Of Sound
44. Calybr & Tympanic - My Curse (Bestia Remix)
45. Re-Shock & Re-Vamp - Evolution
46. Aversion - Close To Me
47. Qriminal & JACKO - Get Back (Live Edit)
48. Adjuzt - Let Your Hands Clap (Original Mix)
50. Aversion ft. Lhoraine S - Without The Other
51. Calybr - Don't Know My Style (Frenchcore edit)