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Ace Ventura & Liquid Soul @ Psy-Nation Radio #001

Psytrance   Progressive

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We are happy to invite you to the first test drive of the Psy-Nation Radio podcast hosted by Liquid Soul & Ace Ventura (Liquid Ace), bringing to you the freshest music, news and interviews of Psytrance culture.
For a while now we wanted to do something new and give back a little and slowly we started building this project - Psy-Natio Radio. While we feel quite comfortable on stage by now, being a radio DJ is a whole new ballgame, so we will be very happy to get your feedback. Feel free to send suggestions, feedback and requests to:
Turn on, Tune in, Drop out!

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1. Off limits - Shasha
2. Gaudium & Ticon - Tribal Survival
3. Egorythmia - Hunter Of The Dark
4. Interactive noise - Freak Out
5. Perfect Stranger & Liquid Soul - Our Time (Rocky Tilbor Remix)
6. Liquid Ace - Neurochemistry (Sideform Remix)
7. Ritmo & Lifeforms - Orchid
8. Originals - One By One
9. Xerox - Force of Life
10. Burn In Noise & Regan - Soul Patch
11. Vini Vici & Astrix - Adhana