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Lem-X @ History Of D-Boy Records Session 7


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Length: 02:24:03

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Live mix on FB the 22th of february 2018 by Dj Lem-X
Mix only with vinyls !!!

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01--DB 075--Noize Suppressor--Walking From 140
02--DB 099--Placid K--Atmos Fear
03--DB 076--Max E Crew--The King Of Darkness
04--DB 116--Noize Suppressor--Italian Earthquake
05--DB 151--Dark Raver--Dark Raver Style
06--DB 076--Digital Boy--ASR-X In Full Efx!
07--DB 081--Delta 9--D9 Rocks
08--DB 087--DJ Bike--Drop The Bomb
09--DB 069--Noize Suppressor--Listen You Make It
10--DB 082--Noize Suppressor--Kiss
11--DB 080--DJ 8Mix--Old Passion
12--DB 068--Placid K--Too Many Bass
13--DB 067--Noize Suppressor--A.C. DJ & Bike DJ (Overload Remix)
14--DB 072--Placid K--Gate 1.5.2.
15--DB 087--DJ Bike--Righ Back
16--DB 151--Noize Suppressor--2004 Thunderground
17--DB 067--Noize Suppressor--Do You Bitch
18--DB 076--Firebrick--Forze
19--DB 073--Noize Suppressor--Fuckin' Hard
20--DB 145--Dark Souls--Maniac Of A Dancefloor
21--DB 092--Dj Bike--Mr. Enemy (DJ Bike Remix)
22--DB 089--MarQuiz De Sade--Sadizm
23--DB 116--Digital Boy--The Animal Crew
24--DB 092--DJ Dione--The Beginning
25--DB 076--Firebrick--Wavescan
26--DB 082--Noize Suppressor--Xilit
27--DB 126--Mc Rage--You Bring Out The Hate In Me (DJ Bike Remix)
28--DB 091--DJ J.D.A. Feat. XZ--I'm Hard To Da Core
29--DB 070--Chicago Hardcore Force ft. Delta 9 & Richie Wel--Slammasters
30--DB 094--Placid K--Livin' Like A Gangster (PK Rmx)
31--DB 067--Noize Suppressor--The Art Of Acceleration
32--DB 131--DJ Lem-X--The Final Insult
33--DB 068--Placid K--Active Problem (First Mix)
34--DB 030--DJ Isaac--Bust This Crazy Shit
35--DB 116--Placid K--Don't Stop
36--DB 124--The Vinyl Junk--Party Motherfuckers
37--DB 148--Digital Boy & MC Rage--Sugar Daddy (Alternative Mix)
38--DB 043--D-Boy Bad Boys--Jingle Bells
39--DB 054--System 3--Dirty Lyrics (2nd Mix)
40--DB 074--Raveman--Drum Meet Da Bass (Hardcore Mix)
41--DB 060--Noize Suppressor--HPF
42--DB 036--Ravemasters--Make Me President
43--DB 071--System 3--Street Knowledge
44--DB 065--Digital Boy--Two The Hard Way (Digital Boy "Hardcore Floor" Mix)
45--DB 056--Ravemasters--Bustin' Baze
46--DB 046--Ravemasters--The Cyclon
47--DB 081--DJ J.D.A.--The Extreme Anthem
48--DB 039--Placid K--Pump Da Bass