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Misc_T @ Digital Hardcore Terrorism Mix (Phiztape 2017)

Breakcore   Breakbeat   Other

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Filetype: VBR MP3
Length: 01:30:19

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Misc_T - Digital Hardcore Terrorism Mix: Phiztape 2017


this side:

the shizit - pain compliance
atari teenage riot - destroy 2000 years of culture
ronin - destroyer
kid 606 - catstep (hrvatski vatstep dsp)
f_noise - 12345
technology scum - bruised earth
brainiac - the turnover
enon - believo
shizuo - sweat
biosphere - novelty waves
atari teenage riot - sex (excerpt)
rabbit junk - iso vs life

that side:

atari teenage riot - start the riot (excerpt)
rabbit junk - start the riot (atari teenage riot cover)
the shizit - spit ak
death funk - hard like it's a pose
venetian snares - hand throw
cyanotic - order out of chaos
dummy plug conspiracy - the new monsters
measles mumps rubella - fantastic success ii
brainiac - mr fingers
no brigade - stars explode
bomb20 - leisure
off minor - off minor

samples/interludes shamelessly ripped off from:

hive - devious methods
grand theft auto 1 soundtrack