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Stick @ Downtown + Amen Humans! Promo Mix

Breakcore   Jungle

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Stick - Downtown + Amen humans! (Live @ Harat's Pub, Crimea, Russia, 08.09.17)

First Live promo set from Stick! Recorded at Harat's Pub, Crimea, Simferopol, Russia, September 8th 2017! Paragraph below is from the man himself!

"September 8, 2017 on the birthday of Stick, a presentation of the CD '' Downtown + Amen Humans! '', Which included the last two releases of the musician. And those who were not at the presentation of the album, I invite you to listen to a mix of tracks that were on the CD in improved quality!"

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1. Stick - Beethoven
2. Stick - Overdrive
3. Stick - Autumn
4. Stick - Devil's Train
5. Stick - Always Like This
6. Stick - Happy Faces
7. Stick - No Coca (Alborosie Remix)
8. Stick - Soul
9. Stick - Destruction