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Stazma The Junglechrist @ PRSPCT PDCST 041 (PRSPCT XL 27 PDCST)


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PRSPCT XL27 PDCST by Stazma The Junglechrist

To let the music do the talking and spice up the vibe for our upcoming XL event we have asked 3 artists to record a PDCST to represent each area of PRSPCT XL27.

For the RVLT area we got French Breakcore badman Stazma The Junglechrist to record a deadly mix that crushes it all across the board in true PRSPCT RVLT fashion.

April 28th will be one brutal as f*** onslaught. You warriors think you can manage it?!


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1. Stazma - Rudys Breacking The Dancehall
2. Stazma & Skull Vomit - Guillotine
3. Stazma - Rave On!
4. Stazma - The Hammer
5. Stazma - Eyes Bleed Acid
6. Stazma - Electric Voyage
7. Le Crabe & Stazma ft. Mike Redman - Apocalypse
8. Stazma - Alarm
9. Stazma & Le Crabe - Nuisance 4
10. Stazma - Breathing Difficulties
11. Stazma - Drunken DSP
12. Stazma - Velvet Punk
13. Stazma - Infected Brain Cell
14. DJ Technorch - Virgin In (Stazma Hymen Blast Remix)
15. Stazma - Burn Your TV
16. DJ Skull Vomit ft. Stazma The Junglechrist & Steve Grimmet - Come What May

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Basically this is PDCST 041. Since I can't change this anymore can someone else do it? And place PRSPCT XL 27 PDCST between the brackets.
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