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Anhatema @ Avanti Podcast #17


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Italian Label based in Roma : This episode ANHATEMA

EX NIHILO: my emotional state is rage, my nourishment is darkness, my addiction is pain, my religion is consistency, my currency is skill, my politics is sabotage, my society is none, my enemies are values, my weapon is me, my crime is to be alive... I stand in the front and this is my riot!

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1. Vandal!sm - Classics Mashup
2. Jebroer ft. Rich Cutillo - Allemaal Lichten (Abaddon Bootleg)
3. Lady Dammage - Base Boom (FrenchFaces Remix)
4. Mind Compressor - Kick The Bass
5. Barber & Abaddon - Enemies
6. K-TeztroV - Hurting Bombs
7. MBK - Sick Mash Up 2.0
8. Anhatema - Beat Crash
9. Lymax - We Pep You Not Up
10. Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz & Toxic Inside - Fuck Breaks
11. Insane S - Lick My Dick
12. Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz & Toxic Inside - Fuck Breaks
13. Andy The Core - Silver Screen (No Nicotine Bootleg)