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Firestarter @ Let Your Ears Bleed Mix


Submitted by: gabberdd @
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Length: 00:45:43
Rated by: Artistic_HB


1.Hardbouncer - Main motherfuckers
2.Giant - Pump this rock
3.Sjammienators - Hardcore is leven (Orian remix)
4.FrenchFaces - Army of hardcore tool
5.Spitnoise - Thunderdome mashup
6.Mindspitter - Call me where
7.Roughsketch - Wait and bleed
8.FireStarter - Devil inside me
9.Undifined movement - Tekno tanz
10.L'aristokrat - Lick my pussy
11.Partyrtaiser & Repix - Ode to the godfather
12.Motion - Fucking mashup
13.Repix - Real criminals
14.Abbandon - Play my hand
15.Skirratex - Back to the oldschool

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