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Phaeton @ Promo Dedication 2


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1. Promo - Mad Donna (New Style Mix)
2. Promo - X-termination
3. Promo - Metal Warfare
4. Promo - Life From The Other Side
5. Promo -Far From Done
6. Promo - Worlds Greatest (Back To'97 Mix)
7. Promo -No Man's Spawn
8. Promo -Back On The Map
9. Promo -Like We Used To Do
10. Promo -I Kept The Faith
11. Art of Fighters - Hardcore Makes The World Move (Promo Remix)
12. Promo -Past To Present
13. Promo -Dancefloor Hardcore
14. Waxweazle - Hardcore Power ( Promo Remix)
15. Catscan & Promo -Hysteria
16. Promo - Patterns In Chaos
17. Promo -The King Stay The King