Shoutbox: [06-08] pointlesspoint: I understand you're poning down some principles for creative dj'ing, for which in my own experience experienced dj's (like yourself) probably have more principles to go by than beginners (also in the case of vinyl vs digital mixing). I'm pragmatic in this matter, that's all. If it sounds good, it sounds good.

Necrobutcher @ My Introspective Nightmare

Frenchcore   UK Hardcore

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a.k.a. Necrobutcher - Frenchcore vs UK Hardcore (2015)

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1. Speed Freak - Bury You
2. ID (ID)
3. ID (ID)
4. Hellfish & The Producer - The Way Of The Homeboy Pt. 2 (The Winter Of Discontent)
5. DJ X-Fly meets Frazzbass - Boogie Monster
6. ID (ID)
7. Hellfish - U Don't Quit
8. ID (ID)
9. DJ Mutante - Pump That Pussy
10. Speed Freak - Steel-Finger
11. ID (ID)
12. ID (ID)
13. ID (ID)
14. ID (ID)
15. Hellfish - Man vs Machine
16. Stormtrooper - The Force Is Pain