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Minus Militia @ Reverze 2017


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On 11.03.17 Bass Events organised the 12th edition of Reverze in Sportpaleis & Lotto Arena, Antwerp (BE).

This is the complete liveset of Minus Militia.


Bass Events:

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1. Minus Militia - Obey & Arise (Official Militant Mayhem 2016 Anthem)
2. Minus Militia - Till 8 In The Morning
3. Minus Militia - Leaders Of Government
4. Minus Militia - Crackin' Your Ribs
5. Minus Militia - The Holy Grounds
6. Minus Militia ft. MC Nolz - Down Under
7. Minus Militia - Full Of Shit
8. Minus Militia ft. Nolz - Militant Mayhem
9. Minus Militia - Reign Supreme (Live Edit)
10. Minus Militia - Overdose
11. Minus Militia - Neighborhood Crime
12. Minus Militia - Smack My Core
13. Chain Reaction - Like A Boss (Minus Militia Remix)
14. ID (ID)
15. Radical Redemption - You Don't Know Shit (Minus Militia Remix)
16. Minus Militia - Gas D'r Op

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