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Theory Of Core @ Angerfist - Creed Of Chaos (CD 1)


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Filetype: 320 kbit MP3
Length: 00:52:34

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Today on the label Masters Of Hardcore released a new album from one of the most sought-after DJs and producers of the planet - Angerfist

On this occasion, we recorded for you mixes in support of the sixth studio album from the maestro, dubbed "Creed Of Chaos".

Rated by: Theory_Of_Core alexey.kasper97


01. The Approach (Intro)
02. Brainfail
03. Gangsterizm (with I:Gor)
04. Crusader
05. Send Me To Hell
06. From The Ashes (with DJ Mad Dog)
07. The Law
08. The Promqueen’s Finest Drug
09. Creed Of Chaos (feat. Nolz)
10. HOAX (with Furyan)
11. Pennywise
12. Blaze (with Tripped)
13. Just Like That (with Radium)
14. The Driller Killer (The Braindrillerz Remix)
15. Necronomicon
16. Krash The Party (with Akira)