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The Destroyer @ Snakepit 2017 Promomix 004


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Length: 00:31:17

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Rapid BPM fire and precision eardrum bombing! Listen to the warm-up mix by The Destroyer for a sneak preview of the sold out second edition of Snakepit.

Rated by: The_Sociopath Ownz DJTheJoker

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1. The Terrorizers - Rawness (The Destroyer Remix)
2. The Destroyer - Friends For The Middle Finger
3. MD&A - The Cracken (The Destroyer Remix)
4. The Destroyer - Italian Madness 2.0
5. The Destroyer - Sicily Loves HKV
6. The Destroyer - How To Get Mad
7. The Destroyer & ADHDXXL ft. Drokz - We Are Harder
8. The Destroyer - Be My Fuckin Digga
9. UKTM & The Destroyer - Fucking Fighting
10. DJ Smurf - Gusset Typist (The Destroyer Remix)
11. UKTM - Moggy Cunt (The Destroyer Remix)

DJTheJoker -
I dont care what People say
THE DESTROYER - friends for the middle finger (unreleased)
MD&A - the cracken - THE DESTROYER remix
THE DESTROYER - italian madness 2.0
THE DESTROYER - sicily loves hkv
THE DESTROYER - how to get mad (unreleased)
THE DESTROYER & ADHDXXL feat. DROKZ - we are harder
THE DESTROYER - be my fuckin digga (unreleased)
UKTM & THE DESTROYER - fucking fighting
DJ SMURF - gusset typist - THE DESTROYER remix
UKTM - moggy cunt - THE DESTROYER remix´╗┐