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F. Noize @ Theory Of Core Podcast 98


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We present to you a brand new 98th exclusive exclusive podcast in the style of UPTEMPO from our great Italian friend @f-noize

The mix is timed to the event "UNDER PRESSURE 2017 - GLAVCLUB GREEN CONCERT" and will be held this Sunday in Moscow under the leadership of the leading promotional group NORTHERN SOUND
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- Official RUSSIA HARDCORE Brand number one!

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1. Lady Dammage & Deterrent Man - Dead End
2. Typherix - Strickly Hardcore
3. Dione - Oldkool Mayhem (Hatred Edit)
4. Cryogenic - Hate
5. Rude Awakening vs I:Gor - Crop Circle Making Dominant Heavyweight Whore Abuser (Hatred Mashup)
6. Scarphase - Thunderdome DJ Tool
7. Bulletproof & Partyraiser - Monster
8. Lady Dammage & F. Noize - Go Dj
9. F. Noize vs Anhatema - Get Down (F. Noize Solo Anthem)
10. Cryogenic - Kick Out The Bass
11. F. Noize & Crime Scene - Ready For Destruction
12. Drokz - No Man Can Judge Me
13. Miss Enemy & Vandal!sm - Bust That
14. Dr CoZmo - Terror Tourette
15. Striker & Frozen - What The Fuck We Smoke (Goetia Remix)
16. Cryogenic - Rocking Hard
17. DRS vs Chaotic Hostility - GFU
18. Euromasters - Hé Scheids! Schop'm Voor Z'n Kloten (Angernoizer & Tieum Remix)