Shoutbox: [12:48] hardcorerepublic: Ik heb beide sets terug gezet forgotten90. Het is inderdaad jammer als er editors zijn die te snel conclusies trekken. Laat het ons vooral weten als het niet klopt  ;)

JK Flesh @ Industrial Wasteland Episode 042

Techno   Industrial

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JK FLESH - Industrial Wasteland Episode 042

"This month I'm joined by a master.

Justin K Broadrick, under his JK FLESH alias.

Justin has left a huge mark on industrial music, whether it was part of Godflesh or Techno Animal, or collaborations with Prurient or Orphyx. His sound is distinctive and unique.

I this set he delivers an hours of driven and atmospheric industrial and techno, all improvised using his hardware.

This is the sound of JK FLESH, and he's taking no prisoners!"