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Bergsonist @ SHFTD Podcast 064

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Length: 01:08:03

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SHFTD Podcast #064 | Bergsonist

"BIO /-
Bergsonist allows inspiration to come from anywhere, yet she/he limits themselves by the gear/tools that are used. The approach consists of inhaling all the energy of the city — influenced by trips to museums, galleries, shows, talking to people and sensing nature — and exhaling it sonically. Bergsonist reacts to this energy and inspiration without any specific rules, styles or genres — extending the array of possibilities by always pushing preconceived uses of the tools."


Bérangère Maximin - Sky Contractions [Atlas Realisations]
James Hoff - How Wheeling Feels When the Ground Walks Away [PAN]
Jana Winderen - Sense Of Latent Power [Touch]
Angus Mac Lise - Tunnel Music Pt.1 [Sub Rosa]
İlhan Mimaroğlu: Prelude I [?]
Jonáš Gruska - Pasa II [LOM]
Ryan Mc Ryhew - Voltage Pattern IV
Pierre Schaeffer ‎– 5 Ētudes De Bruits [Disque Dreyfus]
Otto Luening - Invention in Twelve Notes [Desto]
Steve Reich - Pendulum [?]
Compile - Ten Wolves End [Private Archive]
Muslim Gauze - Rest Track 3 [Staalplaat]
Abu Sultan - Your Love Made My Head Hurt [Sham Palace]
Femminielli Noir - El Guardián [Mind Records]
Prostitutes - Mighty Arms [Oaks]
Bergsonist - Ressentiment (Murray CY Remix) [Styles Upon Styles]
Innsyter - Durmming Routine IV [Unreleased]
Lost Trax - The Saturiun System [SCSI-AV]
Pametex - Lucifer [Clone]
Bergsonist - Collateral Damage [New York Trax]
Force Placement - Missing Words [Black Lodge]
Bergsonist - идеология [Unreleased]
Plebeian - Neptune [Sweat Equity]
DJ Hell & Richard Bartz - Take A Shot [Kurbel]
Dj Sotofett - Tribute To Sore Fingers [Fit Sound]
Das Ding - Martians [Tear Apart Tapes]
Space Knight - Staying In [Borft Records]
N1L - Hazy One [UIQ]
Pansonic - Csg Sonic [Blast First]
Hune - Crossroads [Rush Hour Recordings]
Sterac, Scorp - One Side [Token]
DJ Bone - We Control The Beat [Subject Detroit]
Greg Z - Entire Thing [Unreleased]
Rose E Kross - Access Denied [Lost Soul Enterprises]
Tom Hang - Everything Is Ending
Wetware - Silverscreen [Unreleased]
Merzbow - D.D.T [Contort Yourself]