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Different Aspects @ The Outside Agency Scenocide 404 Mix

Industrial Hardcore   Hardcore   Crossbreed

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Filetype: 320 kbit MP3
Length: 01:08:06

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Today I received this awesome masterpiece by The Outside Agency. Since the year 2009 I'm a huge fan of these 2! In every set I play there's atleast one track from them in it. Today I put the complete album inside the player and recorded a Scenocide 404 mix. Hope you like!

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01. Intro
02. Forest Children (Strange Arrival Remix)
03. The Wandering Mind (Mindustries Remix)
04. Hidden Strengths (Fracture 4 Remix)
05. Incurable
06. DMT
07. Surreal (Wavolizer Remix)
08. Superheroes (Feat. Mindustries)
09. Industrial Cooking Spray (Feat. Tapage) (Igneon System Remix)
10. Use The Machine
11. World Breaker (Feat. Broken Rules)
12. Neurosurgery (Feat. Deathmachine)
13. Trouble (Feat. Sei2ure)
14. Mathematics (Feat. Dep Affect)
15. A Perfect World (Dither Remix)
16. The Killing Fields
17. No One (Feat. Dither)
18. Manhunt 0 (Feat. Fracture 4)
19. Belief Systems (Feat. Fracture 4)
20. The Infinite (Feat. Ophidian)
21. The Shadows (Feat. Ophidian)
22. The Silence (Feat. Ophidian)
23. The Machinery of Death (Deathmachine Remix)
24. The Insect Mind (Feat. Ophidian)
25. The Immobilizer (Feat. Mindustries) (Akira Remix)
26. Hours & Dreams (Detest Remix)