Shoutbox: [19:10] TimTim: Bert als ik je help met het organiseren van de bbq in je eigen tuin van je eigen geld dan zorgen we er gezamelijk voor dat Stijn z'n eigen pet opeet, das toch leuwk!  :L

2Faced @ Suppression #FeartheGearXXL Promomix


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Here's a little something special to start your weekend off right! On the heels of our first release, "FaceBreaker" out in stores now, we bring you the first of our Ignition Digital Monthly Artist Mix. We will be performing at Suppression #FearTheGearXXL along with Code-E!

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1. 2Faced - Facebreaker
2. Envine & The Geminizers - Nightmare
3. Adaro - The Haunter Of The Dark
4. Crypsis - Damned
5. The R3bels - Shade
6. B-Front & Frequencerz - Delusion
7. Headhunterz x Builder - Her Voice (Thyron Edit)
8. Apexx - AK47
9. RVAGE - Drop The Bass
10. Artifact - 88
11. 2Faced - The Darkside
12. Ncrypta - Exorzism
13. The Machine - F Society
14. Rebelion - Syndicate
15. Regain - The Greatest Show

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