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Olga Bancic @ Megamix 2006-2008


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"10 years ago I was spending most of my time in and out of the hospital, and the rest of it making pastiches of Venetian Snares as I taught myself production and composition. I called myself Olga Bancic (off one of the streets I grew up on, and not in reference to the namesake revolutionary). I was doing a lot of drugs and having a lot of fun and was still more or less relatable young human man. This is a megamix of some of the fruits of that labour, and I'm sharing it with you to commemorate 10k FB likes (not that these metrics reflect anything concrete anymore, they're just nice little dopamine squirt milestones).

Half a decade later, and lotsa social media dopamine squirts ago, Liar happened, and has been happening a lot since... but as some of you might have noticed, somewhat less so, as of late. I was kinda soured on the industry and kinda bummed out by the state of the musical landscape I was expected to play nice in. Good news is, I took a much needed break and aggressively re-tapped into childlike enthusiasm for music and am now happily embarking on writing my third full-length - which is going to be, very predictably, a huge departure from everything I've done so far, but still very much me blablabla. It will take a while doe, I'm doing 29 tracks.

In the meantime, watch out for New Romancer, Clean Energy, Tank Boy, Mr. Multiverse, Drastic Arts, Ad Astra Per Aspera, Xenofunk, Present Tense and Forever 29. I'm not saying I'll have anything to do with these, but I'm also not saying I won't have anything to do with these. Also some of these are labels, and some aren't even music. "

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1. Olga Bancic - A Surgical Conclusion
2. Olga Bancic - Crucea de Piatră
3. Olga Bancic - Bumbocăcat
4. Olga Bancic - Dacia Brecdens
5. Olga Bancic - This Much
6. Olga Bancic - Maculator
7. Olga Bancic - Coarde
8. Olga Bancic - B.D. în Repaus
9. Olga Bancic - 0'00"