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Sefa @ Defqon.1 2017 Yellow


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Length: 00:59:12

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13:00 on a Sunday, but the Yellow stage was completely full!
Thank you all so much for showing up and sharing this moment with me!
Sit back and enjoy the full set  :D


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Selfmade tracklist so not 100% sure about all the tracks

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1. Sefa & Hyrule War - Doomed (2)
2. Sefa - Follow (1)
3. Sefa & Dr. Peacock - Flowing River
4. Sefa - Lost In Thoughts
5. Sefa - Euphoria (1)
6. Dr. Peacock & Sefa - Come On
7. Sefa & Kyome - Losing Control
8. Sefa - Stille Berg
9. Zyklon - Messed Up (Sefa Remix) (3)
10. Sefa - Be Free
11. Dr. Peacock - Muzika (Sefa Remix)
12. Sefa - Calling
13. Vertex - Breaking The Habit (1)
14. Sefa - Singing A Song
15. Dr. Peacock & Sefa - This Life is Lost
16. Mr. Ivex & Sefa - Losing Your Mind
17. ID (ID - ID)
18. Mr. Ivex - Dedicated & Forgiven
19. Sefa & Sprinky ft. MC Volt - Stand Up And Fight (1)
20. Mr. Ivex & Sefa - LSD Problem
21. Caine & Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz - Kendal Duck
22. Danny Ovington - Cocaine MF (Tim Shopp Relapse Remix)
23. Sefa - Psycore (1)
24. Noisekick - Reaching For The Sky

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foxx -
Man this set is amazing. Sefa really has talent. Brings me back to French after a long time.
Maximumraver [Set Editor] -
aka Sloperij Janssen
 :L  :L  :L  :L  :L  :L  :L  :L
HardT3K-Tic [Set Editor] -

 :L  :L  :L  :L  :L  :L  :L  :L
JurneSleddens [Set Editor] -
Between 17 and 18 is Mr. Ivex - Dedicated & Forgiven
kwilneBenzo -
N° 2 isn't right, this is a song by Sefa but I don't remember which.
N°9 is the remix made by Sefa, not the original
N°13 is Sefa's remix of Breaking the Habit by Linkin Park (I think)
N°17 sounds like it's from Crypton, no track ID thou
N°24 is Noisekick - Reaching for the sky, it's mixed with Sefa's Psycore
Devadander -
The set that got me into Sefa!