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Species Kai @ Harder Stylez Movement Podcast 043

Industrial Hardcore   Breakcore   Crossbreed

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Mid 2015 „at the tender age“ of 40 years I was thinking of what I feel like doing in life. Every time when I look back to recall the good memories, feelings and what gave me pleasure, the answer was: music!  ;)
So what?! You only life once!
And I started DJing at the age of 40 years, after 20 years of partying.
My style: Industrial Hardcore, Darkcore, Crossbreed'ish / Breakcore'ish and other sick weird & hard stuff.
The weirder the better!
I am also trying to produce stuff. Surely it does not sound as good as from other producers, but who knows, maybe someday it will  :D
Things done since I started:
Played at:
- Newcomer Floor at Hard Christmas / Atrium (Kiel) – Dezember 2015
- A Hardcore open air of B-Damage in Hamburg - July 2016
- Former supporter and DJ at the Creative Lab Party's in Hamburg

Podcasts for :
- Hard Force United (Radio Rave / Hard Force United & Friends)
- Danger Murder Terror
- Antistatic

Tracks released:
- 2 tracks on a VA Compilation / DMT Danger Murder Terror Records


Rated by: Demanufacturer Krettler


1. Ill Fat Liza - Invidia
2. DJIPE - Combine 17
3. Nayami - Heretic
4. Industrial Frequency - Dark Hardened
5. species Kai - Collateral Damage
6. I:gor - Anti-Community
7. Im Colapsed - Jungle Hunt
8. Dolphin & The Teknoist - John Carpenter's Squisophrenic
9. NANAKA - it's called the street
11.rage. - Busted
12.Headshot - Young White Savage
13.Rictus Sempra - Break your beat Vafanculo
14.ingler - Mech Dead
15.Demanufacturer - Peace of Our Time
16.Snyde & KRIEG vs. Indian Junglist & Maria Terror - Rave Massacre
17.Bryan Fury - Fuck Daddy (Bryan Fury's Daddy's Fury Remix)
18.Plastidekore - Boom Digi Digi (Destructive Plague Remix)
19.Adreim999 - Ready or not (druggie version)
20.DJ Skull Vomit - Antigoon ( m1dlet Remix )
21.Tripped - serial wanker (feat drokz - znooptokkiedrokz remix)
22.Breakforce One - Wearing a Shirt that says 'Microphyst is a Cunt'