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Audioholik @ Saifam Speciale Edizione 2007

Early Hardstyle   Hardstyle

Submitted by: Audioholik @

Filetype: 320 kbit MP3
Length: 01:04:07

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New Saifam special up for grabs! Meaning tracks from labels like BLQ, Dance Pollution and Titanic Records! This time it's the year 2007 in the spotlight. You can still hear the 'early hardstyle' influences very well, but also clearly the departure from the old sound. Lots of fast buildups with often melodic and triplet rhythm climaxes.

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Favorited by: Er_MuReNa Micha82

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1. Citizen - If I Say Stop (Same Shit Different Kick Mix)
2. Atlantic Wave - The Creation (2007 Remix)
3. Hunter - I Shot The Blender (Technoboy Remix)
4. Dark Oscillators - Superstar DJ (Original Mix)
5. The Raiders - A Feeling (Citizen Remix)
6. The Hose - The Pressure (Original Mix)
7. Citizen - 1980 (Neutral mix)
8. Klone - Dragon's Lair (Builder Remix)
9. Hardstyle Masterz - Beat Diz 2007 (Technoboy Remix)
10. Girls From Hardasia - A Little Beat More (Ctrl Mix)
11. The Hose - My Little Stalker (Technoboy Opera Mix)
12. Builder - Her Voice (Super Bass Mix)
13. Hardstyle Masterz - Light Of The Dark (Dub)
14. Gius - Scrubs (The KGB's Remix)
15. Technoboy - Angel Heart X Vita (Mashed)

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Roan456 -
Lekker Erik!!
dit zijn echt de betere uit dat jaar!
Audioholik -
Dank je!  :thumbsup2: