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Evil Activities @ The Colours of Defqon.1 Australia 2017 Blue


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Length: 32:14

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1. Evil Activities & Mad Dog - 911
2. Advanced Dealer - Back To The Rave
3. Evil Activities & Digital Punk - Jealousy
4. Tha Playah ft. MC Alee & Tha Watcher - D.H.O. (Q-Base 2016 Warehouse OST)
5. Evil Activities - Dead Man Walking
6. Furyan & Angerfist - HOAX
7. Evil Activities - God Damn Noise
8. Guerrillas - Can't Stop Us Now
9. Synthax - HEAT
10. Evil Activities & Furyan - Speak My Mind
11. D-Fence & Angernoizer - Breek De Tent Af
12. E-Force & Frequencerz - Men Of Steel (Tha Playah Remix)

McBong [Set Editor] -
Blue is the hardcore area in AUS?  :?
Serbie -
On 17-07-2017 15:35:46, McBong wrote:

Blue is the hardcore area in AUS?  :?

Only starting from this year. According to Q-dance Australia the black stage wasn't full enough when they didn't have an international playing (bullshit) and when they do have internationals it's the same djs that come every year. Tha Playah and EA were over in December for another party and Decipher is booked as an international.

The smaller scale parties in Sydney are bringing the more wanted djs and Q-dance are just using the same names over and over. It will be interesting to see what happens with defqon after this year - I sold tickets every year for them and refused once I saw this announcement and from what I can tell the sales aren't as strong as other years. Defqon Australia has an edm stage, and not a dedicated hardcore stage. Go figure.
McBong [Set Editor] -
Oh this doesnt sound too good, how sad  :no:
I mean its hard to bring over a decent amount of european DJs but atleast you can vary the ones you bring.