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Re-Shock & Aversion @ Assault Podcast 42

Hardstyle   Raw hardstyle

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Hello and great that you have logged into the Assault Podcast, for it is Nr. 42 already!

The guestmixer of this month is my mate Aversion @aversionnl, in his mix you will find his sound. Let yourself be surprised as this guy knows how to maintain drive!

My mix will bring you some of the hardest energetic tracks i know, please sit tight and fasten your seatbelt because this will be a rough ride  ;)

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As always i hope you've enjoyed the show!
See you next month for a new episode of Assault !!

Re-Shock OUT....

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  Guestmix by: Aversion
1. Aversion ft. Lhoraine S - Without The Other
2. Riot Shift & Criminal Mayhem - Gods
3. Qriminal - Run From The Police (Aversio Remix)
4. Re-Shock -Nightfall (Jacko Remix)
5. Bwazza - Kino Der Toten
6. Stereotuners - Screaming
7. Two Sixty - Child' s Play
8. ID (ID - TBA)
9. Aversion - Consequences
10. Aversion - Hit The Floor
11. ID (Aversion - ID)
  Re-Shock Podcast Mix:
12. B-Front - Witch
13. RVAGE - Bad Motherf*cker
14. Neroz - Ready for Raw
15. E-Force - & Luna - F*ck This Nation (Brutality Remix)
16. Chris One - Convictions (Exit Mind Remix)
17. Caine - Underworld
18. Regain - Dynamite
19. Ncrypta - NXT LVL
20. Mrotek ft. MC Heretik - Slaves to the Clock
21. Radical Redemption & Digital Punk - River Of Souls

Re-Shock -
Hell yes! thanks for uploading here ^^