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Low Entropy @ Tribute To Alec Empire Part 3 - Breakcore Madness

Breakcore   Drum & Bass   Breakbeat

Submitted by: krakum @

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i've done two mixes of alec empire material so far; focusing on dark ambient and obscure releases. but what alec is most known for is of course his breakcore material. he is a true pioneer of that genre, essentially kickstarting the whole scene.
his output in this field had a wide range; almost laid back drum'n'bass coolness, obscure weird-hop insanity, and full-on drum fueled destruction.
so here we go. chopped up beats, hard hitting distortion, fierce bass frequencies. enjoy!

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1. Alec Empire - Bass Terror
2. Alec Empire - Hetzjagd (Auf Nazis!)
3. Alec Empire - squeeze the trigger
4. Alec Empire - the king of the streets
5. Alec Empire - The Destroyer
6. Alec Empire - I Am You (Identity)
7. Alec Empire - We All Die
8. Alec Empire - Bang Your Head
9. Alec Empire - Pleasure Is Our Business
10. Alec Empire - Just Make It Fast
11. Alec Empire - Limited 01
12. Alec Empire - The Drum And The Bass
13. Alec Empire - Suicide
14. Biochip C. - Hell's Bells (Empire Terror Mix)
15. Alec Empire - DJ Fraternity (U.N.I.T.Y.)
16. Alec Empire - Black Sabbath
17. Death Funk - Down With The Shit
18. Death Funk - Hard Like it's A Pose
19. No Safety Pin Sex - Don't Talk About The Shit Over The Phone
20. Alec Empire - My Face Would Crack
21. Alec Empire - Nobody Gets Out Alive
22. No Safety Pin Sex - I Want Action
23. Alec Empire Vs. Elvis Presley - You Ain't Nothing

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