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Firestarter @ Speak to the devil


Submitted by: gabberdd @

Filetype: MP3
Length: 00:46:15


1.Blaster - Murder the scene
2.Tensor & Re-Direction - Desolation
3.Stampede & Unleashed fury - Bitch
4.Bass Instinct - Tony montana
5.Mindspitter - Menno moe ni mouwe
6.FireStarter - Jostiband
7.Vandal!sm & Eddyhardcore - 4 the haterz
8.Wild Motherfuckers - Fother mucker (Bass Instinct bootleg)
9.Kurwastyle Project - Snow in summer
10.System Overload - Peddle to the metal (System Overoad refix)
11.Andre Hazes - Het is koud zonder jou (FireStarter RMX)
12.Iridium - Stand up & scream
13.The Aristokrat - Scarecrow
14.DRS & FRX - Contact
15.Chaotic Hostillity - Energy field
16.The Stunned Guys - Beats time (Deterrent Man remix)
17.Drastic - Don't smile
18.MBK - Sick mash up
19.Striker - Overkill
20.Dr. Peacock & Angernoizer - Trip to colombia

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