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Métalloïde @ B-Day Party 07 Of Produc'Sounds

Hardtek   Frenchcore

Submitted by: alexvdh @

Filetype: 320 kbit MP3
Length: 01:01:48

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"Here is my new mix made in streaming, it is not bad but not cool in same time.
Sorry for the big volume change between the two first track"

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1. LOLIPO - Ecology Pla
2. Lolipo - GG Matchmaking
3. Dr. Peacock & Sefa - This Life is Lost
4. The Speed Freak - Maximum Frequencies (Brutal Jesters hate vegans edit)
5. Round Wave Crusher - Make it French Dem (Redo)
6. Darktek - Super Quenouille
7. The Speed Freak - King Of Bong (DJ Sharpnel Remix)
9. Team Grimoire - G1ll35 d3 R415
10. Round Wave Crusher - Electro Bullshit (Suck a Boss)
11. Round Wave Crusher - O.D. (Big Fking Trouble!)
12. The Speed Freak - Steel-Finger (Chem D Remix)
13. OGM909 - Me Against You
14. Merumeru - Hairfetish Is A Good Fetish (Verktuk Remix)
15. RoughSketch - Devil's kiss
16. QURELESS - Mystic PsyTerror
17. Sunhiausa - Misunderstood (Original Mix)
18. Computer Says - Slow