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John Caulfield @ Tribute to White Breaks Frankfurt

Breakbeat   Jungle   Drum & Bass

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Length: 01:41:22

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This Mix is a Tribute to The White Breaks Frankfurt Label, an Label with Big Tunes from 1993 to 1997
Style: Hardcore Breakbeat, Jungle, Drum & Bass, Breakcore

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01.White Breaks-White Line
02.White Breaks-Untitled
03.White Breaks-Untitled
04.White Breaks-Ho-o (Let Me Hear You Say...)
05.White Breaks-Untitled
06.Steve Shit-Boom Ya' (Let's Move Somethin')
07.Steve Shit-Turntable Action
08.Steve Shit-Raw Dope Factory (Shit's Street Mix)
09.Steve Shit-Power Of Breakcore
10.Chunky Chunk-9D5 Safari Strings
11.Steve Shit-Cummin' After Ya' Ass
12.Steve Shit-Whatzz Da Prob
13.Variety Pack-Ya Man
14.D-Flame-Hot Jungle
15.High Speed Poet-Classic Meditations
16.High Speed Poet-Classic Meditations Part 2
17.High Speed Poet-Jungle Life
18.Roey Marquis II-Treat U Better
19.Steve Shit-First Bite
20.Steve Shit-Second Bite
21.Steve Shit-Cobra vs. Werewolf
22.Steve Shit-Turn Me On
23.Steve Shit(kicker)-For Ma Homiez
24.Beethoven-Greatest Works Part 1