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Luit @ Back in Time part 3: Retro/Classics mix

Hardtrance   Early Hardstyle

Submitted by: Luit @
Last edited by: Luit @

Length: 01:07:10
Rated by: Thermus

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1. Dominium- Let Your Mind
2. DJ Yoeri- Speed Me Up
3. Kinky Boys- Gunshot (Da Rick's Hard Mix)
4. Fend- Breakdown
5. Starsplash- Vittel
6. Silvio Ecomo- No Dip
7. Shanna- Il Est Interdit (DJ Furax Remix)
8. DJ Balloon- Technorocker (Ghost & Insider Remix)
9. Baseman Jax- Base-X (DJ Danny's mix)
10. Cosmic Gate- Melt to the Ocean
11. Derb- D.F.C.
12. Francois & Ganon- Orcheal
13. Armani & Ghost- Funk That
14. Delta vs DJ Dex- C-Bird
15. Da Boy Tommy- Full Moon (DJ Peter Project Remix)
16. Arome- Scream (DJ Scot Project Remix)
17. Alien Pulse- Psycho Confusion
18. Coone- Protect The Innocent
19. Pat B- The Solution
20. DJ Dean- Back to Rave
21. DJ Duro- Cocaine MF
22. DJ Thera- Do You Know Who I Am

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Thermus -
'Laatste 100 stemmen'-regenboog.
Interesting track selection, good job  :)