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Angernoizer @ Soldiers Of Core Podcast 27

Hardcore   Terror

Submitted by: JeffreyFCT @
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Length: 00:20:14

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Just a little taster of what's to come from the Uptempo/Terror mad man Angernoizer! Check it out here!

Rated by: Hansolo Sassem3
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1. NSD - Hai La Noi
2. DRS vs Death Shock - Bucketlist
3. The Endless Souls & Chaotic Hostility - Care Less
4. Sjammienators & System Overload - Rumble
5. Striker - Final Annihilation
6. Angernoizer - De Moeder
7. Tripped - Serial Wanker
8. Noisekick - Justin B (Broken Minds Remix)
9. NSD - Infragment Groapa
10. The Destroyer - Oxygen

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Hansolo [Set Editor] -
Bad quality  :^)
Good vibe at his set sunday night in Kiel  :bomb: