Shoutbox: [06-08] pointlesspoint: I understand you're poning down some principles for creative dj'ing, for which in my own experience experienced dj's (like yourself) probably have more principles to go by than beginners (also in the case of vinyl vs digital mixing). I'm pragmatic in this matter, that's all. If it sounds good, it sounds good.

Recharge @ Scantraxx DJ Contest Rebirth Festival 2017


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Recharge Scantraxx DJ Contest Rebirth Festival 2017

Geoffrey (25) a.k.a. Recharge is former known from the duo Outrageouz. Now on a solo career as Recharge for almost 3 years. Performed at Festivals like'' Beat The Bridge, Hardcore and also the Defqon 1. Festival. Did an interview on the dutch radio at De Avondploeg and recently and interview with DJ Mag. Played several clubs troughout the Netherlands.
Released on Scantraxx Silver and have worked with lost of artist from within and outside the Hardstyle scène. Ready to take it to the next level!

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1. Proto Bytez & Recharge - Psychedelic Trip
2. D-Block & S-te-Fan - Built This City
3. Noisecontrollers & Bass Modulators - See the Light
4. Atmozfears ft. David Spekter - Release
5. Recharge - Hold On
6. Devin Wild - Children of the Sun (Dreamfields Anthem 2016)
7. Psyko Punkz - Spaceship
8. Lowriderz & GLDY LX - Who You Are
9. D-Charged - Fly Away
10. Faizar & Avana - Don't Give Up
11. Proto Bytez - Absence Of Light
12. Atmozfears & Devin Wild - Nature's Gasp (Recharge Vocal Edit)
13. Audiotricz - Momentum
14. Max Enforcer - Even More Bass
15. Heatwavez & Unsenses - The Dreamer
16. Alpha² - Betrayal (Sub Zero Project Remix)