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Low Entropy @ Tribute To Oliver Chesler Mix

Techno   Hardcore   Darkcore

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what can be said about mr. chesler? some artists took an existing genre to its extreme... but oliver went further than that, creating his own genre and style that has no second in electronic music.

yet he also worked as a pusher for scenes that have grown by now; making doomtechno while the rest of the hardcore world was on the speedcore craze; providing anthems to the gabber scene with flesh is the fever and more tracks; feeding techno with one night in nyc; fusing new wave, electro and techno with releases.
one of his merits was to bring songwriting and vocals back to techno when everyone was keen on bassmachines, drums and synths only.

of course, the thing with chesler was always the air, atmosphere, charme around his releases... remember the cryptic inlays of the thingstocome vinyls, or his plans to create a world political movement?

mr. chesler was long due for a tribute.

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1. Oliver Chesler - Speeding Through Time
2. Disintegrator - In The Sun
3. Disintegrator - Dark Black Ominous Clouds
4. Disintegrator - Lock On Target
5. Temper Tantrum - Africa 4010
6. The Horrorist - Mission Extacy
7. The Horrorist - The Real World
8. The Horrorist - 13 Dobermans
9. The Horrorist - One night in NYC
10. The Horrorist - The Virus
11. Marc Acardipane ft. The Horrorist - Human Machine
12. The Horrorist - Flesh Is The Fever
13. The Horrorist - Hard Step Future Force
14. The Horrorist - Power Is Force
15. The Horrorist - Flesh Is The Fever (Marc Acardipane Remix)
16. The Horrorist - Can You Hear The Sound
17. The Horrorist - Into The Moonbeam (Arena Mix)
18. Temper Tantrum - Industrial Strength

EviLiv -
sorry but I cant rate green after what has been done to hard step future force !