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MindPumper @ Unlocked Indoor Festival 2016 Warm-up Mix

Hardcore   Terror

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In a couple of days it's time for the second edition of Unlocked Indoor Festival. With loads of hardcore (and more harder stuff) provided, you'll need to put yourself in the fastest gear. And what better way to get your blood rushing through your vains with MindPumper's Warming-Uptempo Mix for Unlocked!


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1. Reprobate - Introducing The Hard Way (MindPumper Edit)
2. Sjammienators ft. System Overload - Rumble
3. The Endless Souls - Up In The Zone
4. Angernoizer ft. Vandal!sm - Peptalk
5. Lunatic The Dope Doctors - Like A Champion
6. Chaotic Hostility - Hardcore Shit (The Dope Doctors Remix)
7. Darkcontroller ft. A-Kriv - Pump
8. Miss Enemy - I.D.E.A
9. DRS ft. Chaotic Hostility - The Real Is On The Rise
10. NSD - Hai La Noi
11. Cryogenic ft. Brainteaser - Pain Re-Killer
12. Cryogenic ft. Darkcontroller - Seen It All (MBK Remix)
13. Tharoza ft. MC Komplex - Break It Down MF (Lunakorpz Remix)
14. Cryogenic - Crazy Mash Up 2016
15. DRS - Live Life Hard
16. Goetia - Move On
17. Tripped ft. Deterrent Man - Like a Boss
18. Cryogenic - Victimized (DRS Remix)

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