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Rude Awakening vs. Makebelieve @ Club r_AW

Industrial Hardcore

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Length: 00:57:25

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Makebelieve vs. Rude Awakening @ Club r_AW ยท r_AWunion (17-09-2016) P60 Amstelveen

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1. Manu le Malin & The DJ Producer - Special Request (1)
2. Mindustries - Throes of Rejection
3. Rude Awakening - Forward Observer
4. Peaky Pounder - Iskea On Puu
5. Rude Awakening ft. Amok - Exercise In Distortion (1)
6. Enzyme X - Kissing The Enemy
7. Void Settler - Nightfall Deceit (Rude Awakening Remix)
8. Daisy & Promo - Full of Ambition
9. Promo - Day Of Anger
10. Ophidian - Lynched
11. Void Settler - Gnomes Thinker With Time (Round Up Your Bunch Of Little Pitch Fiddling Cuntz And Get The Fuck Outa My Club Remix)
12. Stormtrooper - Rampage (1)
13. Rude Awakening - Riding Dirty
14. Ophidian - Predator & Prey
15. Promo - Never Catch Me Sleeping (1)
16. Promo & Catscan - Virgin Territory
17. AK-Industry & Billy S - Monster (Ophidian Remix)
18. Stormtrooper - Todesvögel
19. Rude Awakening - Van De Pot Gerukt (2)

Knordy -
Added tracklist
MattiX -
05. Rude Awakening & Amok - An Exercise In Distortion (Original Mix) [The Third Movement - T3RDM 0115]
12. Stormtrooper - Rampage (Original Mix) [Important Corestyle - IMPCS 003]
ThaClown -
In theory everything is straight
Void Settler - Gnomes Thinker With Time (Round Up Your Bunch Of Little Pitch Fiddling Cuntz And Get The Fuck Outa My Club Remix)

Dat was lekker binnenkomen op Cluppie rAUW  (L) ..
Makebelieve -
Allright, bit of explaining here  :)

I visited Club r_AW for 28 times before this. Long journeys, heavy nights, substance abuse, fucked up sundays, mondays, you name it.

After maybe 3 or 4 times of visiting I was hooked for life, and got the old r_AW logo tattoo'd. Best tat ever. DJ Promo/Rude Awakening inspired me, and got me and so much more folks into touch with so much great artists and their music. People ran from Imminent Starvation, did polonaises to Peaky Pounder (Imagine someone from Finland seeing this during their set), some folks walked out cripple after sets from The DJ Producer (and DJ Hellfish).

That liveset of The DJ Producer, 25-11-2006, if you don't know that, you are definitely square. Felt sick of too much beers, but that got me up on my feet like the ADHD that has been running through my vains for life.

And now, 2 people that also were there so much times, true followers of the movement, set up a Facebook group, and gave CPR to the most wonderful concept I've ever known. Club r_AW returned as a reunion. r_AWunion was born.

Sold out in less than 24 hours, and maybe/probably the last chance of doing what I wanted for so long ; Play a set with the hero that did all these great things to the music scene I have been adoring since I was 12 years old.

I knew Sebastian (Promo) for a while, and just sent him an email with my wish, playing the r_AW Classics on what might be the last one. Monday the 5th of september he just said ; Sure, let's open the party together ?

All and all with the volume on stage (wow, so loud), me taking a wrong metro, and being a bit stressed, and the adrenaline taking over me a few times I can't complain, the crowd loved it, and this set is full of kick ass tracks  :)

Check it out  :)