Shoutbox: [06-08] pointlesspoint: I understand you're poning down some principles for creative dj'ing, for which in my own experience experienced dj's (like yourself) probably have more principles to go by than beginners (also in the case of vinyl vs digital mixing). I'm pragmatic in this matter, that's all. If it sounds good, it sounds good.

John Cove @ The Proxon Z-200 (001)

Hardstyle   Hardcore

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Filetype: 320 kbit MP3
Length: 01:20:15

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John Cove | The Proxon Z-200 (001)

It's been over 2 years since mankind left the earth to explore new places in space.
The climate change forced us to develop new technologies to travel with the Speed of Light.
Natural disasters took place around the whole world.

Many people died, a few thousand selected people were charged with the mission to find a new planet where human life is possible.

Our spaceship is the Proxon Z-200, worth 300 million dollars, constructed during a time of abundance and now our last hope to remain alive.
Equipped with everything you need to survive during a mission which could last for years (oxygen production / medical supply..).
The ship is divided in several categories (A, B & C). Many functions on this ship are only available for category A, which I (of course) don't belong to.
Actually, I do not belong here at all , but since I have an ability almost no one else has, they invited me on this ship. I will tell you more about that later.

Today, we got a suspicious signal from the 'Centaurus A' galaxy. Right now, we are on our Centaurus A.

To be continued...

Gear: 2x Pioneer CDJ-400 + 1x DJM-350
Quality: 320 kbp/s

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