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Stu Alcane @ Bangface Weekender 2016

Oldschool   Jungle   Breakcore

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Stu Alcane @ Bangface Weekender 2016 [Hard Crew Heroes Mix]

"My set from the Bangface Weekender 2016.
Part of the Hard Crew Heroes Takeover, Sunday in the Queen Vic.

Tried to capture the spirit of Bangface with my selection. Reflected with a variety of artists as well the wide range of tempos within the rave, jungle and harder styles.

Featuring music by: Manic, Amen Andrews, DJ Lee, Seduction, Liquid Crystal, Kid Lib & Percussive P, Kemal, Propaganda, Raiden, Knifehandchop, Alexi Perala, Dev/Null, Bogdan Raczynski & more.

Mixed using 2 x Technics and Serato/Vinyl.