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Rtificial @ Blowing Carts Mega Mix


Submitted by: hardcorerepublic @

Filetype: 320 kbit MP3
Length: 01:01:36

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Rtificial - Blowing Carts Mega Mix

"Well I started this mix over 5 years ago and due to an unfortunate laptop dying and taking my work with it. So now I popped another quarter in and continued my game! Here it is the blowing carts mega mix crammed with nes soundtracks, chiptunes and other various styles of VG music. I tried to high light a lot of my favorites and show the many many styles people are doing out there. Big up to everyone involved!"


Blaster Master - Stage 1
David E Sugar vs Ears - First O.K
Sabrepulse - Twilight Prince
Si Begg - I ain't afraid of no guts
Saskrotch - Metal Gear (nintendo breaks)
Saskrotch - Megaman ending (nintendo breaks)
Sabrepulse - Horizon remix
David E Sugar - Ode to the london transport
Bionic Commando - Area 5
Saskrotch - The hero returns home
Microphyst - WWF Superstars
Venetian Snares - Pwntendo
Project Serendipity - Left Right Left Right (II)
Sabrepulse - Twin cheveron action flash (tour remix)
Ludachrist - The legend of curtis
Saskrotch - Legend of Zelda (nintendo breaks)
Anamanaguchi - Helix nebula
Nullsleep - Dirty rom dance mix
Xinon - Minimize
Trash80 - Missing you
Trash80 - Sodium sonet extended
Quarta330 - SBCC1
Ebola - Nintendo dubstep
Kode9 + Spaceape - 9 Samurai (Quarta330 remix)
Shadowgate - Title Screen
Lifeforce - Peace again