Shoutbox: [06-08] pointlesspoint: I understand you're poning down some principles for creative dj'ing, for which in my own experience experienced dj's (like yourself) probably have more principles to go by than beginners (also in the case of vinyl vs digital mixing). I'm pragmatic in this matter, that's all. If it sounds good, it sounds good.

Simix @ Free Hardstyle Releases #18 | Free Feels for All


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Ok, DopeMonkeys and Da Tweekaz are awesome as usually, but I'm really impressed by the 'Winter EP' from Rezurector, didn't expect this quality, these feels! Nice job!
Noiseshock is becoming famou$ with his remix and Outlander produced another strange experimental track that I love  :D
Zatox went softer but who care with a track like that? Nice tracks also from Subraver, Cyber, Focuz, Scale, System of Loudness, YNNCK and Outbreak (that used wisely the bassline from 'It's On')
Last but not least Theo Gobensen & Anklebreaker; 'Spring Break' is something of totally unexpected. Incredible work.

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1. Basshunter - Now you're gone (Noiseshock hardstyle Remix)
2. DopeMonkeys - When the children cry
3. Agnes Obel - Riverside (Focuz Bootleg)
4. Pegboard Nerds - Swamp Thing (Da Tweekaz Edit)
5. DopeMonkeys & Afroman - Because i got high
6. Sound Rush - Go Away (2014 Mix)
7. Axwell x Ingrosso - Sun Is Shining (Da Tweekaz Bootleg)
8. Rezurector - Break It Down
9. Cyber - Arise
10. DopeMonkeys & Anklebreaker - Wants to be somebody
11. The Chainsmokers ft. Rozes - Roses (Subraver Remix)
12. Rezurector - Expression
13. Razihel ft. TeamMate - Legends (Zatox Remix)
14. Shockwave - Stronger (System Of Loudness Remix)
15. Theo Gobensen & Anklebreaker - Spring Break
16. Da Tweekaz - Be Aware (Da Tweekaz & Forever Lost Remix)
17. Scale - Daybreak
18. Outlander - Volt
19. Tujamo ft. Taio Cruz - Booty Bounce (YNNCK Remix)
20. Outbreak - 98 Cocaine Bass (Hardbass 2015 Tool)