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Warning: there is an annoying MC in this liveset.

Mean Machine @ Hard Bass 2016 Team Green


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1. The Beholder & Zany - Bleeding For The Harder Styles (Decibel Outdoor 2008 Anthem)
2. Mean Machine - Payday
3. Digital Punk & Mean Machine ft. MC Alee - How We Roll
4. The Beholder Meets DJ Zany ‎- Euphoria
5. The Beholder & Max Enforcer - Be Amazed (Hard Bass 2009 Anthem)
6. Mean Machine - Reloaded
7. Zany Meets The Beholder - Do You Want Heavy (Hard Bass 2016 Edit)
8. Bulldozer Project - Arise (The Beholder & DJ Zany Remix) (Hard Bass 2016 Edit)
9. Zany & the Beholder - Act of Rage
10. The Beholder & Zany - Midnight
11. Mean Machine - Rise Of The Machine (1)
12. Neophyte & Zany ft. MC Alee & MC Diesel - Gas Erop! (Hard Bass 2016 Edit)

Meggido -
Shatter DJ -
Nr. 9 is not The Beholder & Max Enforcer - Be Amazed (Official Hard Bass 2009 Anthem) but The Beholder & Zany - To Protect & Serve (Hard Bass 2010 Anthem) and nr. 10 is a Hard Bass 2016 Edit  :thumbsup:
Edited by Shatter DJ on 24-01-2016 20:48
Quatto -
had low expectations but it rocked HARD. shame they didnt play Be Amazed tho.
Morbid_Angel -
Fino alla Fine!
There's also a 12th track.
12. Neophyte & Zany feat. MC Alee & MC Diesel - Gas Erop! (Hard Bass 2016 Edit)
I know it's an edit as the kick patterns don't match, nor do they sound alike, I'm just not sure of the name.
-michaelhughes [Set Editor] -
This is a great set, the best of the night by far!!  :thumbsup2:
McBong [Set Editor] -
10. Seems to me like a "RIP Original Edit"... Damn, this was really bad  :( Kick sounded kinda weak and the vocals mixed in didnt fit
moon043 -
Adding Official B2S link